Produce and dairy

Looking for some of the best produce and dairy in the Beverly area? Here at Woodbery Food Market, you’ll find the freshest dairy products from the brand names you trust. Our dairy department is always well-stocked with fresh milk, cheese, and other items.

But we have more than that! A number of our items are also handmade in Massachusetts. Shopping with us means you’re also supporting these local farmers and giving back to the community.

So what will you find in our dairy and produce section? We have everything you’d expect: milk, eggs, a variety of cheese, cottage cheese, dips, yogurt, sour cream, and a number of soy products. Everything you and your family need to fulfill your daily dairy nutritional needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for milk to put on your cereal or several different types of cheese for your next casserole—we’ve got it! Many of these products are also available in low-fat options for those seeking healthy choices.

We make certain all of our dairy products come from established farms that provide quality, fresh products. We know how important freshness is to you, which is why it’s one of our highest priorities. Whatever dairy product you need, you’ll find it at the Woodbury Food Market.