Pet Supplies

When you visit Woodbery Market, your shopping list probably has a number of different items on it for the humans in your family, but what about your four-legged friends? You don’t want to forget your dog, cat, or other pet! After all, they’re part of the family, too, and they deserve high quality meals and snacks.

That’s why you’ll find our pet supplies department is well-stocked with everything a healthy pet needs. We have everything from name brand dried foods to snacks and other treats. Our canned pet foods give your cat or dog their choice of tender, delicious morsels made from real meat, while the dried bag foods provide them with all the protein and other things they need to grow and stay healthy. We make sure all of the brands of pet food we stock contain only the best ingredients.

Need something to keep your cat active or for your dog to chew on? We also have a selection of different pet toys, milk bones, and chew toys to keep them occupied when you’re away or when you’re trying to do something that doesn’t need their help (like cooking your own dinner!).

We love our pets, and we know you love yours! Show them you care with some great foods and fun toys from our pet supplies department!