Meats and Fish

Our meats and fish department features many of the highest quality meats, fish, and other seafood in the area, all of which are available in various serving sizes. It doesn’t matter if you need salmon for two or enough hamburgers to feed a full team of young baseball players, Woodbery Food Market is here for you!

Our meat department is staffed by experienced butchers who have prepared some of the best USDA choice beef, pork, fish, and chicken. All of our foods are closely inspected for freshness and quality before they’re packaged and sold. We also make certain all of our meat comes from farmers who use established best practices and have a reputation for quality.

Every day you’ll find a great selection of steaks, ribs, hamburger, roasts, chops, chickens, turkey, salmon, shrimp, and many other types of fish and meats. Our seafood options tend to change depending on what’s in season, so you never know what fresh fish we have ready for you to take home and serve.

Whether you’re preparing the grill or getting ready to bake something in the oven, you simply can’t go wrong with choice meats and fish from Woodbery Market.