Fruits & Vegetables

If it’s fresh fruits and vegetables you want, you’ve found the right place! The Woodbery Market fruits and vegetables department is always stocked with the freshest produce around, some of which is grown right here in Massachusetts. We know that good produce is the key to a healthy diet. You and your family need to have the freshest fruits and the ripest vegetables to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need, and we want to make certain you have them.

You’ll find everything needed to make amazing side dishes, great vegetarian meals, or to create a quick snack that your kids (and you) are sure to love. Whether it’s an orange or grapefruit for breakfast, some carrot sticks to munch on in the afternoon, or a great head of lettuce and some tomatoes for your burger, you can’t go wrong with our produce.

But we have more than just the basics, of course. You’ll find many different fruits and veggies here. Everything from apples to zucchini can be found on our shelves, so don’t hesitate to come looking for what you need for your next recipe, no matter how exotic it may seem. We guarantee our fruits and vegetables department won’t disappoint.